Whatsapp New Features : Create Your Own Stickers & Media Visibility

Social Network has been the most powerful weapon since last decade. It has always been useful and powerful tool of communication. Likewise, WhatsApp is currently the most used application around the world in many countries. For communication, for sharing things, for sharing good & bad motives…anything. It’s up to you. Nevertheless, Security threats around the world. WhatsApp is still the safest application out of hundreds.

When it’s about update from WhatsApp, Everyone is always excited to know what kind of new features will be available. What will be the newest thing WhatsApp will introduce to the world? Previously it was just a messaging app with less features but in a span of 9 years since its inception, WhatsApp has created the enormous amount of development through technology. From just a message to Video call, GIF, Stickers, Documents, Larger Groups and what not…

On Thursday, 26th October WhatsApp group announced about the latest update from the Company. It will be Stickers. Yes, Stickers. But your Own. Everyone will be able to create any sticker on WhatsApp like never before. Nobody will have to download extra apps to make stickers for fun. It’s on WhatsApp Now. For iOS and Android users, this feature will be out soon. In 2.18.329 version of WhatsApp for Android and 2.18.100 for iOS users, stickers are there.

People will be able to express what they feel through stickers, with friends and family. In a blog post WhatsApp said, “We are always excited to deliver new things to its users. From camera features to emoji and Animated GIFs to status. We are always enthusiastic to give something new. This time, it is Stickers”

If you are eager to try this new feature even before your friends do, you can download and sign up for WhatsApp Beta. WhatsApp Beta is the one that allows you to use new features before the stable version. But, WhatsApp Beta also has some bugs that you will experience while using it….

Android users will be able to experience this fun right after the update. Whereas iOS users might fill a little slower initially. The update will roll out soon and STICKERS are the ones which will be used mostly this Festive Season. It will show up right next to the GIF icon beside Emoji Icon.

So, buckle up for the update guys… Make Stickers..

Whatsapp Media Visibility
Another brick in the wall is about privacy. The update WhatsApp is going to provide is,with the help of a few settings, images saved in the gallery will be set to a limit. You can set which images from selected groups are to be saved in gallery. Others will not be shown in the gallery. You can see those images and videos directly in the WhatsApp for unlimited number of times.

How is it done? Media Visibility:
Update WhatsApp to the latest version.
Go to Particular group and then select the Group Info from the Menu.
Select Media Visibility
Set “NO” option there.

Click here to update whatsapp

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