What is the cheap 5G service on the Reliance Geo plan?

Reliance Jio said in the India Mobile Congress that in India it is thinking of providing cheap 5G services in 2021. Geoana Maithu said that 5G technologies in India will be in 2019-20. More people will get cheaper services in India from 2021. We need to bring 5G technology to every corner of India. We have the cheapest devices available by 2021 which can support the 5G platform.

Reliance Jio said that mobile devices with 5G technology are not available, but it is believed that by 2019 such devices will come. Currently Geo has given spectrum to trials for 5G internet. The company had displayed a driverless car of Swedish company Auction running 5G technology.
Reliance will launched new 5g plan shortly,
Mauthu also said that the telecom tiraffe can not be enhanced right now. Because some people are still using feature phones and have not been upgraded to smartphones. He informed that about 40 crore people are still using feature phones. Terrorism can not be increased even before reaching those people. We should take inspiration from US and Chinese companies. These people came forward on the basis of data usage.

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