Tips For Longer Hair

It is important not to panic and know the fact that hair falls at a rate of about 20-100 pieces per day, which is quite normal. The growth rate of hair however is a lot slower than its falling rate, that of just half an inch in a month. But the good news is that there are ways through which one can improve hair growth very easily.

First thing is that it is important not to lose weight quickly, because that also affects the hair and their health. The hair also becomes thinner besides falling a lot because of the loss in essential nutrients to keep them healthy. There should be maintenance in balance diet in order to keep your health of the body as well as hair sound. If you want to lose some weight then do it gradually by losing only one or two pounds a week.

The hair usually grow for about two to five years and then their pace of growth gets slower and then they would start going back after six weeks or so and then again would take rest for about three to five months and then they would be replaced by a completely new set of hairs. Mostly 15% of the hairs are in the resting phase.

The stress put a reversible hair loss and if you have experienced a physical or emotional stress, then it might take around three to four weeks to get to normal. So learn how to relax. If you have health related problems then you should take appropriate measures to address them. Hairs are just an indicator to your health. There are many nutritional deficiencies that cause the hair to grow slow and then to make them thin. There could be some hormonal issues which might be the cause behind all this. You should consult a doctor for this.

It is always better to use natural ayurvedic herbal hair oils. And massaging the hair on a daily basis is also very important to ensure their proper growth. With taking these suggested measures you can do some good to your hair

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