How to Grow Hair Long Tips

Everyone wants to keep their hair healthy and long. Here are some of the useful tips on how to grow hair long.

◦When your hair grows, the spilt ends appear and damage the hair. So it is best to trim your hair regularly in every 8 to 10 weeks.
◦It is a best idea to apply condition on your hair everyday. It keeps our hair health and flexible.
◦Always use smooth and soft hair accessories and avoid metal parts that may damage your locks.
◦Do not use hair dryer regularly that will damage your hair.
◦Well diet is very essential for hair. Consume fat rich food like omega-3s which will keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny.
◦Always keep your hair clean and put natural oil on your scalp. It will help to grow your hair.
◦Do not tie your hair very tightly because there is a chance of hair loss. So make a loose ponytail.
◦It is a best way to wrap your tresses completely while you are sleeping and cover it with a scarf, which prevents from hair loss.
◦Do not comb your hair so fast, there is a chance of hair loss and damage.
◦Do not use chemicals and gel that can damage your hair.

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