Honey As a Skin Softner

One of nature’s best beauty ingredients is honey which is packed full of minerals and vitamins and is great for many different things.

It can be used in lots of different ways so a jar of pure honey will soon be put to good use.

By adding a half cup of honey to your bath water your skin will be silky soft and the smell will be very appealing.

Honey also makes a great facial masks, it can be mixed together with other ingredients or simply applied directly onto the skin. Leave it to dry and then rinse off with warm water, it is a good excuse to sit and relax for fifteen minutes. Gently dry the face afterwards with a soft towel.

Blend together an apple that has been cored, peeled and chopped and add one tablespoon of honey. When smooth spread liberally over the face and leave for at least fifteen minutes. Your skin will be soft and supple once you have removed every last trace of the mixture.

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