Hair Care Secrets

The way your hair looks can make or ruin your appearance completely. Beautiful hair completes any appearance. Your hairstyle has to be perfect for you to look your best.There are a few of hair care secrets that are very handy and will help you make your hair look wonderful. Read these hair care tips to make your hair look and stay they way you want them to.
oily hair

* Do not shampoo your hair everyday. Hair that has not been washed for a day or two is easier to style.
Infact washing your hair once every two or three days will actually make your hair healthy. Washing your hair everyday robs hair of essential oils and dries your scalp and hair.

* If you have oily hair squirt water at the roots. Water adds lift to the hair roots.
sea salt spray
You can sprinkle some baby powder to the roots of the hair as well. For dry coarse hair condition the ends of your hair well every time you wash them.

* If you want to tie your hair up in a bun, keep the bun loose. Finger comb your hair into a low disheveled bun.

* For sexy wavy hair use a sea salt spray.
Mix sea salts in water and fill a spray bottle. Squirt sea salt on damp hair, scrunch your hair and let it air dry. As most of us have hair that has a natural wave and the sea salts will bring it out.

* While blow-drying your hair finger comb your hair and separate the tangles with your fingers.
Dry your hair in this manner till your hair is almost dry and then use a brush.

* Bangs are the in thing. Layering hair with bangs is the perfect hairstyle.
Keep the bangs thick and heavy or choose side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs paired with long layers look beautiful.

* Coloring your hair is another hair treatment option. It is a nice change from the way you normally look.
But choose a hair color that will suit your skin color. Ask a professional to help you choose the right color for your skin tone.

* For shiny hair add a few drops of shine serum to water and squirt it on to your hair.

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