Hair Care in Winter

CWith the onset of winter, your hair tends to become dry and difficult to manage. Just like the way you pay attention to your hair during summer time and follow summer hair care tips , similarly, to avoid damage caused by the harsh winter dryness, proper protective measures need to be taken even during the winter. Here are some Winter Hair care Tips that can guide you about how to take special care for your hair during winter.
* Shield you hair with a hat, cap or scarf, slightly loose enough to allow scalp circulation, to protect your hair against the chill wind in winter.

Shield you hair with a hat

* Do not wash your hair using hot water as this can damage your hair to a great extent. Try using lukewarm or preferably cool water while washing your hair.

lukewarm water to wash hair

* Avoid shampooing your hair too often. In winter the hair as well as the scalp dry easily and shampooing too frequently can worsen the case.

Avoid shampooing your hair

* Apply a conditioner daily. A leave in conditioner can do wonder to dry and brittle hair.

Apply a conditioner daily

* Avoid using blow dryers, as they tend to dry and damage the hair to a great extent. Use such hot items for your hair, as little as possible. You can try using the cool mode in your dryer to dry your hair. Although this may take long than usual, but will cause less damage to your hair.

Avoid using blow dryers

* Using hot oil can be an effective measure towards protecting your hair in winter. You can try using a natural hot oil solution like jojoba hot oil treatment for your hair and it can excellently re hydrate your dry hair.

Using hot oil

* If your hair tends to become too dry during winter, try opting for a hair repair mask, which will help you replenish your hair to a great extent.
* Some intensive home made conditioners can also combat the winter dryness of hair.

Try using the above-suggested remedies to do away with your dry winter hair. With a little care and attention, you can make your crowning glory shine with all its natural health.
Using hot oil
Apply a conditioner daily
Avoid shampooing your hair

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