Hair Care Beauty Tips

Hair are one of the most delicate things to be looked after, and their care is equally important. Well, with the help of these tips one can really make a difference if one wishes to. One of the things to keep in mind is that every one has a different type of hair, which requires care not only for the hair but skin type of the scalp. Each is different in this manner. So be sure about what kind of hair you have before you move forward to applying any of these tips. Another thing which affects hair is the environment and the weather condition of the country one lives in.

Basically there are three types of hair, the ones which are dry, the others which are oily and the third type are of fine hair. If you have a dry scalp which itches a lot, then your hair type must be dry. The best you can do to protect these dry hair is never to blow dry them and also do not straighten them out, because you already have dry hair. If you still have to blow dry, then make sure that you use a heat protection spray for your hair. If you are using colour for your hair, then apply the one which is especially made for dry hair. Use a moisturizing shampoo and gently massage it in your hair.

For oily hair, you should a shampoo which is especially made for the oily hair as it will extract extra oil from your hair and will make them healthy and bouncy too. You should not run a lot of fingers in your hair as your scalp is already oily and will get more so by itching. If your scalp is already producing more moisture than is required then you should not use a lot of conditioning. Even if you use it, then keep them away from the roots of the hair.

If you have weak and thin hair with a lot of hair fall, then you have fine hair. They need the most care of all. Try to give your hair good products like a better shampoo especially for the fine hair to give them volume. Do not use the conditioner as this will accelerate the thinning of your hair and will take out the body of the hair that the shampooing has helped to add.

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