7th Salary Punch: Increasing Salaries Of Central Employees, Government, Know How Much Increase Will Be

The recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission are awaiting implementation. In media reports, central employees are being asked to pay the benefit of increased pay in the new year, but how much will increase. The situation is not clear about this.

Employees are increasing pressure on the government for their demands. The government does not want to take any risk before the Lok Sabha elections held next year. So no one is preparing to compromise.

According to a web site, the government can increase basic salaries of central employees before the Lok Sabha elections. One finance ministry official claims that the government can increase the fitment factor. So the basic pay of central employees can increase up to Rs. 3000. Fitament factor can increase from 2.57% to 3%, but central employees are demanding that the fitment factor is increased to 3.68%.

It was informed that in the beginning of 2016, the government increased the salary of central employees by about 14 percent. But the employee is not so happy they demanded that the minimum wage and fitness factor be increased. This demand is higher than the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.

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